Phoenix Orthodontist Before And After Orthodontic Treatment Photos

At E&S Orthodontics, your Phoenix Orthodontist, our philosophy is face-driven orthodontics. Face driven orthodontic treatment means we always start with a patient’s facial features and determine the most ideal placement of teeth to maximize facial esthetics and create wide beautiful smiles. Overall, we want to provide each and every patient with a smile they can be proud to show the world. For the vast majority of patients, the best way to achieve ideal facial esthetics is through non-extraction orthodontic treatment. This is because we are able to get a wider, more youthful smile and better lip support. By avoiding extractions,
E&S Orthodontics develops smiles for patients that will last a lifetime. Extractions of permanent teeth can leave a patient with a deflated facial appearance as they age. E&S Orthodontics is committed to maintaining a wide and full smile
without pulling teeth that will provide lasting facial support.

E&S Orthodontics combines advanced scientific technology with true artistic vision in creating your beautiful wide smile. Offering products such as Damon Braces, Damon Clear Braces, Insignia Custom Braces, Invisalign, and Acceladent Dr. O El-Hillal and Dr. Wil Saavedra provide you with the results you desire. Additionally, E&S Orthodontics uses 3D capable X-ray equipment, intra-oral scanners, and high resolution photographs to map and plan out the treatment that best fits you!

Below is a gallery of Before & After photos of some of the beautiful smiles that have been created at E&S Orthodontics. Keep in mind that these are all actual Before & After Orthodontic Treatment photos of patients treated by E&S Orthodontics. Please take a moment to check out some of our Before & After photos to see why E&S Orthodontics is the right choice for you.

Phoenix Orthodontist Photo Phoenix Orthodontist Photo
E&S Orthodontics Image E&S Orthodontics Image
Phoenix Orthodontist Photo Phoenix Orthodontist Photo
E&S Orthodontics Image E&S Orthodontics Image
Phoenix Orthodontist Photo Phoenix Orthodontist Photo

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