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Damon Braces are an innovative, face-driven treatment option

At E&S Orthodontics Chandler, we strive to consistently deliver 5-star care, and one of the ways we accomplish this is our NON-EXTRACTION philosophy. We’ll never remove healthy teeth under the guise of helping you achieve a perfect smile. Instead, we use innovative, face-driven treatment approaches that prioritize your health and appearance while still helping achieve your desired result. Which is why we specialize in Damon Braces here in Chandler.

What are Damon Braces?

Damon Braces are a faster, more comfortable, and more hygienic alternative to traditional braces.

With traditional braces, extractions are almost always necessary, and palatal expanders are used to account for the change. Because of these procedures – major, permanent changes to a patient’s mouth – treatment can take a long time. It can also be incredibly uncomfortable and negatively impact a patient’s facial features, leaving them with a flat profile or narrow arch. Damon Braces help patients avoid these issues.

Damon Braces are a self-ligating system that uses slide technology to straighten teeth. The braces are made from durable stainless steel (there’s also a polyurethane option). Unlike traditional braces, they don’t require elastic or metal ties to hold the arch wire in place. When it comes to braces, this is revolutionary. Elastic and metal ties cause lots of pressure and friction, which is really uncomfortable, and sometimes excruciating, for the patient. Considering traditional braces can be worn up to 5 years, that’s a long time to be in pain.

Also, elastic and metal ties collect bacteria and biofilm, and they can lead to excessive plaque and tartar buildup. With Damon Braces, this is not an issue.

Even better, Damon Braces are the perfect solution for varying degrees of orthodontic needs, from a mild crookedness to more severe crowding. Damon Braces get results faster, and those results last a lifetime.

Self-ligating braces aren’t exactly new – a less advanced version showed up in 1935. But they became more commercially viable in 1994, and in the last 25 years, they’ve become a go-to solution for orthodontists who want to help patients without using extractions.

At our Chandler Orthodontics location, all 3 of our doctors – Dr. O El-Hillal, Dr. Wil Saavedra, and Dr. Dick Dykman –believe that extraction-free treatment is a hallmark of great care. Regardless of which Chandler Orthodontist you see, you’ll receive the same great, safe experience.

Damon Braces – How They Work

Damon Braces are defined by their self-ligating design. These braces don’t require elastic or metal ties to stay in place, which is more comfortable for the patient. But there’s much more to Damon Braces than just the improvement in comfort.

Damon Braces use a special shape-memory wire – it’s lightweight and high-tech. Shape-memory wires straighten teeth faster and require far less follow-up appointments for adjustments.

Located along the shape-memory wire is a state-of-the-art slide mechanism. The slide mechanism secures the wire but does so in a way that allows teeth to move freely. This means no pressure or friction. The slide mechanism continues to adjust and move on its own as the teeth begin to realign.

Traditional braces require more frequent appointments to deal with movement. Because of this, patients must deal with pain until they can get in to see their orthodontist for a fix. This isn’t the case with Damon Braces. They’re designed to withstand this movement and keep the patient comfortable for longer periods of time.

Damon Braces also result in enhanced facial features, since they don’t require permanent alterations like extractions.

Beginning your Damon Braces treatment is easy:

  • 1 Schedule your FREE consultation with one of our Chandler Orthodontists. Your doctor will examine your teeth, discuss your treatment options, and make the best individualized treatment recommendation.
  • 2 If our Chandler Orthodontist recommends you get started with Damon Braces, we will schedule you to have those placed. You’ll want to plan on being in the office for this appointment for an hour and a half.
  • 3 Your Chandler Orthodontist will determine the best frequency for follow-up appointments, all to ensure your treatment is on schedule.

In short, Damon Braces are a powerful solution that helps patients achieve the smiles they’ve dreamed of in comfort and in record time.

Damon Braces – the Benefits

When comparing Damon Braces to traditional braces, the benefits are clear:

  • Reduced treatment time: On average, Damon Braces can shave 6 months off your total treatment time, getting you closer to your perfect smile faster.
  • Comfort: By eliminating elastic or metal ties, Damon Braces have also eliminated friction and pressure, resulting in a more comfortable experience.
  • Healthy teeth: Without friction, there’s no risk of tooth erosion or deterioration.
  • Discretion: Damon Braces require less hardware than traditional braces, and they have a more modern design. You’ll have a discreet way to work on your smile.
  • Treatment is gentle: Damon Braces use biologically sensible forces instead of pure, unnecessary force. This leads to better tooth positioning and facial harmony.
  • Treatment for the whole family: Damon Braces are a viable solution for both children and adults.
  • No allergies: Damon Braces are nickel-free, which means you don’t have to worry about metal allergy reactions.

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