We have a lot of patients who ask us about Invisalign®. They’ve seen TV commercials or have friends who are satisfied E&S patients. However, for one reason or another, they have not come in for their own complimentary consultation.

To make a block of time dedicated to those patients wanting Invisalign, we have scheduled two Invisalign Nights as an easy way for you to start achieving your big, beautiful smile and perfectly aligned teeth.

Invisalign Night is sort of like speed-dating without the stress or awkward moments. Those who sign up are usually over 13 (no age limit here!), are working/going to school so time is of the essence, and often feel that their orthodontic problem gets in the way of their personal success and happiness.

In one easy Invisalign Night session, you will meet one-on-one with the E&S team for a consultation and get digitally scanned, get your questions answered, and get started with your customized Invisalign treatment plan. Plus, we are offering a great savings on your Invisalign Treatment for those who attend as well as giving away prizes. We will also be providing some light food and refreshments to make this night more fun for everyone!

We have two Invisalign Nights planned in August. Our Chandler night will be August 14th from 5:30-8pm and our Peoria night will be August 23rd from 5:30-8pm. You can schedule your preferred time by calling our office at (623) 227-0813.

BUT DO NOT DELAY. We are not kidding when we say space is limited. We strongly advise that you call today!

Big, beautiful smiles. Perfectly aligned teeth. Specials and Giveaways. Food and refreshments.

That’s the beauty of Invisalign Night!

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What Is Your Name?
What Do You Do At E&S Orthodontics?
Back Office Assistant
What Is Your Favorite Movie?
Finding Nemo
Are There Any Quotes
You Love Or Live By?
“Just keep swimming!”

Last month, E&S Orthodontics ushered in the third quarter of the year with a holiday inspired referral contest where one lucky winner will receive a North Pole Experience™package. This contest, which is open to everyone, runs through Sept. 28th and there’s no limit to how many entries you can earn.

We love this beautiful family experience for its magical journey through Santa’s Workshop where you can build toys, attend Elf University, visit Mrs. Claus’ bakery where you’ll enjoy cookies and Snowman Soup, plus you can see Santa’s Top Secret Sleigh Hanger and Mission Control Center. This package also includes a (1) Night Stay at The Little America Hotel and Breakfast with Santa!!

It’s easy to earn entries.

If you’re a past or present E&S Patient, simply Refer Somebody who:

  • Completes an E&S Orthodontics Complimentary Consultation (which gives you 1 entry per referral)
  • Starts an E&S Orthodontics Treatment Plan (which gives you 2 additional entries per referral who starts treatment)

To ensure your entry into the contest, please make sure to tell them about any and all referrals you make. In addition, please ask your referrals to mention your name when they schedule their initial consultation.

If you’re a new E&S patient, all you have to do is:

  • Complete your Complimentary Consultation with E&S Orthodontics before Sept. 28, 2018 (which gives you 1 entry). Please make sure to mention the Referral Sweepstakes when you schedule your consultation to ensure your entry is noted.

Remember, there is no limit to the number of referrals you can give to participate. And if your referral completes their free consultation before the promotion deadline, they can participate, too!

The winner of the North Pole Experience package will be selected by a random drawing from all eligible entries on Oct. 5, 2018.

Ho! Ho! Ho! And to all….we wish you good luck!

We have been happily amused by the totally creative, inventive and happy photos starring Dr. O’s, Dr. Saavedra’s and Dr. Dykman’s doc-on-a-stick characters that have been popping up on the E&S Facebook page and Instagram.

This back-by-popular-demand contest ends on Aug. 15th, when the E&S Team will have the difficult task of judging the best photo in three categories: the Funniest, the Most Unique and the Furthest Place from your home.

The winners, to be announced on Aug. 17th, will receive 1000 reward points (that’s equivalent to $100 in points to redeem for prizes!) into their Patient Rewards Hub Account.

If you haven’t entered yet, there’s still time! Please click here for full details and contest rules.

You can have fun taking quizzes. . .
if you’re an E&S patient.

As August comes around, many E&S patients are thinking Back to Schoo. New supplies. New courses and classes to look forward to. AND a NEW E&S Patient Rewards Hub game!

By now, we hope you’ve set up your E&S Patient Rewards Hub Account – a free FUN activity for all E&S patients that’s featured on our website. Every month there’s a new way to win extra points to redeem for prizes.

This month’s Back to School Trivia will entertain you with 12 tricky questions about school activities around the world. Time counts and the faster you answer the questions, the higher your overall score.

The best part is that just by taking the Back to School Trivia quiz, you’ll see 5 participant points added to your Hub Account automatically! When the contest ends on Aug. 31st, the winner with the highest score will receive 25 points.

Go to the E&S website, click the Patient Rewards Log In button at the top right corner, sign in, hit the Contests Button and YOU’RE IN.

The E&S Orthodontics Team is on the look-out for patients who are out and about wearing their E&S t-shirts . If we spot you, SMILE because you will be the winner of getting 50 points onto your Patient Rewards Hub Account! That means you will get $5 in whichever gift card you choose…just for wearing a shirt!! Bonus: there is no limit to how many times you can be “spotted”!

Of course, there’s a teeny catch. You must be spotted outside the immediate area of any E&S office, including adjacent stores and parking lots.

You also have to be wearing an “official” E&S shirt that sports our logo and web address. If you’re spotted, make sure our team member gets your full name to be sure we add points to your account!

So the next time you’re heading out to the gym, store, soccer field, mall, bike ride or walk through the park, wear the shirt that could earn you money!

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