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November 2016

As you may know E&S Orthodontics is a proud partner of a number of sporting organizations and schools in the Peoria, Chandler and Tolleson area. Our office is passionate about giving back to the amazing communities and families that we interact with. Part of this passion is delivered through building long term partnerships.

We would like to invite our patients and their friends to reach out to us if you are aware of or looking for a partnership opportunity for your class, school or sporting club. Previously we’ve provided monetary donations to sports clubs, outdoor education days and much more.

Our office is always looking for ways to get involved in the wonderful communities we are located in so please feel free to reach out to us and discuss any partnership opportunities that you have which we could be part of.

To ensure this process is smooth for you both you and us we’ve appointed a team member who is responsible for community building. So if you have an opportunity please reach out to Lauren. You can reach Lauren by calling 623 209 7468 or emailing her at:




The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

– H. Jackson Brown, Jr


The Importance Of Appointment Confirmations

As you are probably aware of by now, our office has upgraded our appointment notification and reminder system. The new system that we use is called Ortho Sesame and it sends out text message, email and automated voice call confirmations of your appointment.

Over the last few months wev’e been trialing this system and its worked fantastically well. Now we are inviting you, as our patients, to become more involved with the appointment reminder and confirmation system.

You see, Ortho Sesame allows you to confirm your appointments via text or email. In the case of the email you just need to click a link, in the case of a text you need to reply to the text with a “C”. We are encouraging all of our patients to do this. It helps our office to run on time and ensure great customer service when we have all of our appointments confirmed.

If you can help us, help you, then this would be greatly appreciated. Unconfirmed appointments often take us off schedule, make us run late or make it harder for patients to make an appointment. So when you receive a text or email, please be sure to follow the instructions to confirm your appointment.


Raising The Bar With
CBCT Imaging

We live in a 3-D world. When those new movies come out we all want to go and see them in iMax or 3-D as its a greater experience and the movie becomes more detailed. This is no different in orthodontics.


Here at E&S Orthodontics we believe that 3-D imaging gives us a greater picture of our patients jaws, faces and teeth and helps us with diagnosis of bite problems and predict future problems with growth.

Views from a 2-D radiograph unfortunately don’t provide the detail that a 3-D radiograph can leaving some areas indistinct, distorted or don’t show up at all which can lead to incomplete diagnoses.


It’s one of those cases where having more information and better imaging provides the opportunity for improved decision making and the ability to do things more elegantly and in a more customized manner.

With a complete picture of what is going on in our patients’ mouths, our ability to do things more elegantly and in a more customized manner grows. New or different treatment options are able to be seen and we are able to provide a more confident diagnosis.

3-D imaging is just one of the many reasons why E&S Orthodontics is a leader in the Phoenix area.


Become Patient of the Month! Ask us how!

Patient of the month is chosen based on oral hygiene; keep your teeth at an above average or excellent standard of cleanliness and you will have a chance to win.

This month we honor Jean Mahalek. Please give us a call to schedule pick up of your gift. Winners will be highlighted in the newsletter, their picture will be framed in the front office and they will receive a grab bag gift courtesy of Dr. O and Dr. Wil.


What Is Your Name? Sophia Martos-Jerez

What Do You Do At E&S Orthodontics?
Former treatment coordinator but have
been crossed trained in some finance,
and now in scheduling center.

What Is Your Favorite Song?
Looking For Love by Johnny Lee

What Is Your Favorite Movie?
Urban Cowboy

How Long Have You Worked at
E&S Orthodontics?
Since March 2014

Are There Any Qoutes You Love Or
Live By?
“With God All Things Are Possible”



Check out some of our patients who had braces removed last month.

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Look at their beautiful wide smiles!

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