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More About Damon Braces

The Damon braces is a passive, self-ligating system that uses an innovative slide technology to provide patients with big, beautiful smiles. Damon braces are also designed to deliver a more hygienically aware approach to orthodontics than conventional brackets. Damon braces are made of stainless steel and don’t require the use of colored ties or elastics. This is an important benefit because the elastic ties required with traditional brackets can lead to tartar and plaque build-up because they act as a trap for biofilm and bacteria. The memory-shape, lightweight wires used with Damon braces move teeth easier and faster, creating wider looking smiles while requiring fewer adjustments. When it comes to brace, the Damon system is a much more comfortable choice for patients of all ages.

What to expect with Damon Braces

  • Highly effective tooth movement
  • No need for headgear
  • A more comfortable and less obtrusive fit
  • Fewer and shorter office visits
  • Longer Intervals between checkups
  • Most patients are treated without the need for extractions
  • A spectacular smile

Dr. O and Dr. Saavedra strongly believe that Damon braces provide the most control when it comes to designing beautiful custom smiles. When you choose E&S Orthodontics for your braces, you’ll enjoy a level of dedication and experience that you won’t find with any other provider. We’re uncompromising when it comes to creating beautiful, natural-looking smiles, using state of the art braces and the most progressive, innovative approaches to orthodontic treatments. Join our family today – call to schedule your FREE consultation and see if Damon braces are the right choice for you.

Getting braces is money well spent with the reward being a gorgeous smile. That said, they’re also an investment of both time and money, so its important to take care of your teeth while in orthodontic treatment. Looking after your braces will ensure that when they’re removed your teeth aren’t only aligned but healthy. It doesn’t make sense to wear braces for months, in some cases years, just to end up with a mouth full of cavities and diseased gums because you didn’t take appropriate care of your teeth.

1. Brushing Your Teeth
You should brush your teeth after each meal (it is much easier to remove debris at this time) to remove the bacteria that accumulates in your mouth, causing cavities and gum disease. Before you brush, remove accessories, including elastic bands from your mouth. Using a soft bristled toothbrush and a small amount of fluoride toothpaste, firmly but gently brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes.

2. Flossing
Traditional flossing is particularly challenging when wearing braces, however it is imperative that you do so after brushing your teeth. Fortunately, there are a few flossing devices on the market, like a WaterPik or Air Flosser, that are designed to make flossing a lot easier.

3. Cut Hard Food into Small Bites
Biting into hard foods, like nuts, some candies, carrots, apples, beef jerky, etc., can loosen brackets and break wires. Avoid damages to your braces by cutting carrots, apples and other crunchy, foods into bite-sized pieces prior to eating them.

4. Avoid Sweet, Sticky, Gooey, and Chewy foods!
Sticky, chewy, gooey foods like taffy, chewing gum, caramel, dried fruits, etc., can end up sticking to braces and they’re virtually impossible to remove, often leading to broken brackets and wires. Besides avoiding these sticky foods, cut down on your sugar intake to lessen the risk of getting cavities. Sugary sweets, starchy foods and cola will cause gum disease and tooth decay.

5. Regular Visits with Your General Dentist is a Necessity!
If you don’t regularly keep up with your general dentist visits your overall treatment can be delayed because yourdentist won’t be able to make important adjustments. Basically, if your teeth aren’t moving the way they should, its imperative that your dentist can address the problem before it progresses further. Bottom line, you need to stick to your regular checkup schedule to ensure that the time and investment you’ve put into treatment provides your desired result: a beautiful smile!Keeping your teeth clean while wearing braces doesn’t need to be a major undertaking. Even if it feels like it is, your efforts will pay off if you’re thorough and consistent and follow the tips listed here.

Whose taking part in contact sports are required to wear protective headgear and pads. The surprising thing is that one of the most delicate areas, the mouth, is often left exposed. Did you know that organized sports teams don’t usually require players protect their teeth with a mouthguard? The fact is that wearing a mouthguard can help prevent serious dental trauma.

Mouthguards Help Avoid Cracks or Breakage of Teeth
The obvious purpose of wearing a mouthguard during contact sports is to prevent teeth from breaking cracking, or fracturing. Mouthguards create a barrier between someones elbow and another players teeth, taking the impact of the blow, distri-buting the force, preventing knocked out or broken teeth.

Tooth Displacement Trauma
When the tooth loosens due to the force of a blow it’s referred to as tooth displacement. Over time, a displaced tooth will continue to loosen, eventually falling out. Displaced teeth call for immediate attention to move the tooth firmly into the socket, preventing future movement.

In addition to broken teeth, cracks and painful tissue damage, mouthguards can help avoid potential jaw fractures. A mouthguard will displace the force of a blow that could otherwise be too much for a jaw to handle. A direct hit to the head can cause teeth to bang together, putting too much pressure on the jawbones, ultimately causing breaks or fractures. Severe jawbone and joint injuries could end up requiring surgery with general anesthesia that involve a hospital stay. If the injury is severe, having the jaw wired shut for 30 days may be necessary as well. Bottom line, mouthguards provide padding that can protect the jaw from factures and surgery.

Contact Sports and Braces
Players that wear braces can end up with the serious injuries mentioned above along with painful mouth lacerations if they get hit in the face. This form of injury can end up requiring extensive repairs and prolong the orthodontic treatment time.

Choosing a MouthguardBoil
and bite, stock and custom fitted are the three primary mouthguard options. Custom fitted mouthguards and are the best choice for obvious reasons. Custom fit mouthguards are specifically designed by dental professionals with the patient’s dental history, chosen sport and additional dental health variables in mind. If the mouthguard is for a child playing contact sports, special consideration come into play as well that only a dentist can properly address. A properly fitted mouthguard will definitely limit the severity of a mouth injury when compared to retail version that comes in small, medium or large stock sizes which makes sense. Another important thing to keep in mind that if the mouthguard is uncomfortable your athlete probably wont use it and if they don’t they’ll face the possibility of painful and expensive injuries.

Bottom line, a mouthguard is an essential piece of equipment for any contact sports player. While protective mouth gear might not be a popular requirement, it will be one of the most important ones to pay attention to. A misplaced elbow during contact sports is not only painful, it can also end up hundreds or even thousands in dental repairs if the player doesn’t wear a mouthguard. Doesn’t prevention make more sense?


“We Never Know What A Day Will Bring Us, But One Thing We Do Know Is That Every Morning We Can Wake Up, Smile And Hope For The Best. Smile It’s A New Day.”

– Ellen K Wookey

Braces Friendly Recipe Of the Month

Spring Chicken Salad (Gluten-Free)

1/2 lb shredded chicken breast
3/4 c mayo
1 diced apple
1 c sliced red grapes
1/2 diced red onion
1/2 c finely chopped cashews
3-4 sprigs fresh dill


1. Stir all of the ingredients
togetherin a large bowl until
evenly mixed.

2. Serve on croissant or bun or a
bed of lettuce to keep it low-carb. Happy Spring!

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