Does your child snore? Is your child hyperactive or restless? Are you constantly dealing with behavioral issues with your child? Or… is it you who has sleep issues?

These problems could all stem from not getting proper sleep!

If you or a loved one has misaligned and/or too narrow jaws, sleep can be significantly compromised.

Without proper sleep, a person can suffer with any thing from brain fog to poor behavior to weight issues. Stop the suffering… You can get help in getting a good night’s sleep! Talk to one of our doctors today about how orthodontics might be able to help.

We Know Your Time Is Valuable

We have been utilizing your preferred method of contact, email and text messages, to confirm your appointments. If we do not receive a confirmation from you via those methods, we then give you a call. Beginning July 1, 2019, we will no longer be making phone calls. Therefore, we ask that you please confirm your appointments when you receive our email or text message so we can be properly prepared for your appointment.

Please Donate Your New Or Gently Used Backpacks To Any Of Our 3 Valley Locations Now Through July 20th

Items will be donated to Willis Jr High School & Sevilla Elementary- East Campus!

For each Backpack donation you make you’ll receive one entry into a drawing where ONE LUCKY WINNER will be chosen by random drawing to receive a NEW Backpack… Plus a $50 Target Gift Card!


Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!! To Celebrate YOU, We will be handing out donuts in all of our offices on June 13th, 14th, and 15th! Be sure to grab your favorite flavor at your appointment (or ask your kiddo/wife to grab one to bring home to you!)


Our Annual “Docs-on-a-Stick” contest has begun! Please join us in taking our docs all around the world! Here are the details: Take a picture with our docs, upload it to Facebook and/or Instagram (making sure your post is public) and tag us using the following two tags:

#esorthodontics as the first tag and the 2nd tag being the category you’re entering. Your choices are: #esorthofunny #esorthofar #esorthounique

ONE winner in EACH category will be selected on August 17th to win 1,000 points on your Patient Rewards Hub… that’s $100 to spend on whatever gift cards you would like!!

We can’t wait to see where you bring our docs!!

Congratulations to Brenda for winning our Referral Contest! We are so grateful for every referral that we receive from our patients and truly value the trust you have in us. We will continue to do our very best in providing the highest level of quality to each and every one of you. Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest and keep your eye out for the next one!

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When you walk into our office, you’ll immediately realize that we’re more than just an orthodontics practice. We take pride in being a place where you always feel comfortable. We strive to provide not only the best orthodontics services, but to also be the best in everything we do. We want to make each and every patient who comes through our door as comfortable as possible. We know that the clinic can be a scary place at times but to ensure the comfort of each of our patients, we have created a friendly team, comfortable surroundings and the knowledge needed to make you feel at ease.

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