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November 2017

How to Brush Your Teeth While Wearing Braces

A certain amount of pain can be expected with braces as the teeth shift into place and initially a minor amount of tooth sensitivity, gum and jaw pain in some cases. Some toothaches however aren’t the result of orthodontic treatment and it’s important that they’re addressed.

Usually, the main cause of toothache with orthodontic treatment is that the braces were recently adjusted and the resulting movement of the teeth.

What Soft Foods Can You Eat While in Braces?

Becoming accustomed to life with braces means, among other things, understanding what you can and can’t eat. You’ll need to adjust some of your eating habits, staying away from hard, sticky foods. Biting into hard or chewy, sticky foods can end up breaking wires and brackets, which, besides being painful, can end up prolonging treatment. The good news is that the answer to the question “What soft foods can you eat while in braces?” is anything that tastes good to you.

Million Dollar Canned Food Drive

Here at E&S Orthodontics the Dr.’s and the staff find it important to give back to the community as often as we can. With Thanksgiving around the corner, we decided to find a way to help families in need have a filling Thanksgiving dinner. We want to invite our patients here at E&S Orthodontics to participate in helping us give back to those who are in need this Holiday season.

staff spotlight
Of The Month

What Is Your Name? Andrea Morris

What Do You Do At E&S Orthodontics? Scheduling Center

What Is Your Favorite Song? Carried Away by George Strait

What Is Your Favorite Movie? The Notebook

How Long Have You Worked at E&S Orthodontics? A year and a half

Are There Any Qoutes You Love Or Live By?
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – Dr. Seuss


“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”


– H. Jackson Brown, Jr

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