3 Benefits Of Smiling

3 Benefits Of SmilingWe don’t smile enough.  It’s true, our new face past digital world has slowly killed the fun out of our lives and as a result we are smiling less and less.  This is sad considering how great a simple smile can be.

A smile can convey so many things, it can convey, health, happiness, love, affection and more.  Today I’m going to take a greater dive into your smile and show you just what it’s so important for you to smile.

3 Benefits Of Smiling

Benefit #1: Neurotransmitters called Endorphins are released

The movement of the muscles in your face, which is interpreted by your brain, releases these chemicals called endorphins.  Endorphins are responsible for making us feel happy, and thy also help lower stress levels.

Faking a smile or laugh works as well as the real thing – the brain doesn’t differentiate between real or fake as it interprets the positioning of the facial muscles in the same way.  This is known as the facial feedback hypothesis

The more we stimulate our brain to release this chemical the happier and more relaxed we’ll feel.

Benefit #2: Endorphins make us feel happier and less stressed

Endorphins also act as the body’s natural pain killers.  For sufferers of chronic pain laughing and smiling can be very effective in pain management.

Benefit #3: While the release of endorphins is increased, the stress hormone cortisol is reduced.

Cortisol is more active when we feel stressed or anxious and contributes to the unpleasant feelings we experience, and by lowering it we can reduce these negative feelings

So as you can see thus far a simple smile has a multitude of medical benefits.  We’re managing stress, increasing happiness and flooding the body with natural pain relief.

These are really just a few of the things that laughing and smiling can do to help our body.  The problem is so many people in this day and age are scared to break out their big beautiful smile due to teeth malformations.  It doesn’t have to be like this.

This is where Orthodontists can step in help shape the smile you dream of allowing you to fully enjoy the benefits of a beaming smile.  If you, or someone you know is looking for help in achieving that smile then contact us for a free orthodontic exam today.

Dr. Ousama El-Hillal
Ousama El-Hillal, referred to as Dr. O by patients, staff and friends, is an Orthodontist at E&S Orthodontics. Dr. O founded E&S Orthodontics with Dr. Saavedra in 2005 and is driven to create Wide Beautiful Smiles Without Extractions.

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