Your teen wasn’t born
to be invisible,
but Invisalign was.

Teeth are like teenagers: you gotta keep ‘em in line! Many people are not born with perfectly straight teeth. A lot of times, teeth can crowd, become misaligned, or have gaps as they grow in. While it is common for teenagers to have braces, some may feel conscious and not want wires taking the spotlight in their selfie.

Schedule a consultation with us to see what Invisalign can do for your teen’s teeth!

If we cared about your smile
any more, we’d adopt it.

When considering what orthodontic treatment to get for your teen, there can be many different factors to account for. Invisalign offers a personalized treatment for your teen’s teeth. It begins with a consultation where we will discuss the dental concerns and goals for treatment. With advanced technology, it has become possible to map out the treatment journey at the beginning giving estimates for treatment time. Scans of your teen’s teeth will be taken to create the perfect, custom-fit aligners. Once you receive the aligners, ensure your child is wearing them for at least 22 hours a day. They should only be removing them to eat or brush. You will start seeing the changes as your child progresses throughout the treatment. New sets of aligners will be made as necessary during the process.

The only way we do things
is the right way.

It can be a big decision when you are deciding what orthodontic treatment to give your child. Their smile can impact their future. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your decision. When you opt to get Invisalign for teens near you, your child can benefit from:

  • No discomfort! The clear aligners are comfortable and will not rub against your teen’s gums or teeth
  • No restrictions on what they can and cannot eat.
  • They are removable, so it is easier to maintain good oral hygiene.
  • It can treat a variety of different dental concerns.
  • Increase their confidence. Can provide quicker results depending on the dental concerns.

Let’s do this!

Your smile is ready.

Imagine how strong your
kid’s selfie game will be after.

Are you interested in getting Invisalign for teens in Phoenix? E&S Orthodontics offers specialized Invisalign for teens! We carefully examine and plan out your teen’s treatment so they can have their best smile. With Invisalign, your teen’s smile will go from good to gorgeous!