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E&S Orthodontics Celebrates 100,000+ YouTube Views

We’re happy to announce that our YouTube Channel presenting our Friday Focus informational videos has reached 100,000+ YouTube views. This is an accomplishment worth celebrating because it means that we’ve been able to answer questions that our viewers need answers to.

This is How The Friday Focus Works.

People constantly ask questions on our blog, social media networks and YouTube channel and we respond by creating video answers, presented by Dr. O El-Hillal (Dr. “O” to his patients). The video answers are posted every Friday. Dr. “O” is one of the founders of E&S Orthodontics and is known for his easy-going style and his ability to clearly communicate with his patients.

E&S Orthodontics’ YouTube Channel

On our YouTube channel you’ll find videos that answer questions covering a variety of concerns ranging from “How to have a great smile with braces” to “Should you extract teeth with braces”, “Does your child need braces?” and more. Click here to visit our YouTube channel.

Our most popular Friday Focus video answered the question “How Much Do Braces Cost?” Makes sense, right? Click here to watch.

Our second most popular Friday Focus video answered the question “Should you extract teeth for orthodontic treatment?” The answer to this question is crucial for anyone considering braces because so many dentists extract teeth when it’s actually not necessary. What most don’t consider is that having teeth extracted can result in a change in the face’s structure and cause other issues as well. Click here to watch.

Thank you for stopping by and helping us celebrate the good news – reaching 100,000+ YouTube views. Have any questions for us? Please feel free to ask them on our YouTube channel, blog or social media sites (you can also just give us a call at 623-376-6464.

Knowledge is power and it’s our goal to make the process involved with orthodontic treatment as pleasant, worry free and successful (a brilliantly beautiful smile) for our patients as possible.