Common Problems In Adult Orthodontics Health | E&S Orthodontics

Although braces and other facets of orthodontic health are frequently associated with children and teenagers, adults can also benefit from treatment. We’ve had patients in their 70’s come to us for help. It’s all about quality of life.

Following are some of the most common problems in adult orthodontics health.

Deep Bite

A deep bite is when the lower incisors are contacting with gum tissue of the upper arch of the jaw. This a common problem that comes with aging but can also effect children. An excessive deep bite problem can cause gum recession and damage to the roots of the upper teeth.


An overbite can impact facial balance, not only affecting the appearance of the face, but placing excessive pressure on the teeth in the back of the mouth. Overbite’s can also inhibit front teeth functions like chewing and the back teeth usually end up worn down.


An underbite is when the lower front teeth protrude over the upper front teeth, a condition that can cause severe dental conditions. An extreme underbite can affect a person’s ability to speak clearly and chew properly. An underbite can also cause joint and jaw pain, earaches, headaches, tooth decay and the substantial wear of tooth enamel.


Crowding of the upper or lower front teeth is a problem that is common among adults. If upper teeth are pushed out of the mouth’s arch, it isn’t just unsightly, it also makes it virtually impossible to efficiently clean the teeth, especially in between. If left untreated, crowding will result in extensive decay and even bone loss.


Spacing can have an effect on the movement of the tongue and can cause a lisp. Gaps between teeth can also become larger if left untreated. In some cases, dental professionals recommend extracting teeth to address the problem. At E&S Orthodontics, we prefer to treat orthodontic issues without extractions.

Grinding or Clenching

Another common problem in adults that we can treat are problems brought on by clenching or grinding, which can result in baby sized teeth, pain and discomfort. In this case, our goal is to minimize wear by aligning the teeth with braces.

Periodontal Gum Issues

Adults experience gingivitis and advanced periodontal disease (gum or bone loss) more often than children. People who have straighter, more aligned teeth are far less likely to have gum disease.

The way you present your self-image to the world is through your smile. The problems covered where can definitely have an impact on your facial features. Orthodontics can address all of these issues, and in most cases without extraction. The end result – a big, beautiful, aligned smile.

To find out more about the benefits of adult orthodontics in Phoenix and how we can help, contact E&S Orthodontics to schedule a complimentary consultation.