Should I Do Cosmetic Dentistry Or Braces? | E&S Orthodontics

Braces and cosmetic dentistry are two methods for enhancing the look of teeth. Both can correct dental flaws, but they do so in distinct ways.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that aims to make teeth seem better. It entails a variety of techniques that can correct a variety of dental flaws, including stains, chips, fractures, gaps, and malformed teeth. The most commonly performed cosmetic dental procedures are Invisalign, veneers, bonding, and tooth whitening.


The orthodontic procedure known as braces is used to align teeth and fix bite problems. They involve the use of brackets, wires, and other dental implant-affixed devices. Braces function by gradually shifting teeth into their ideal locations by applying little pressure to them over time. Several dental conditions can be treated with braces by an orthodontist near you, including:

  1. Tooth crowding or crookedness: Braces help realign teeth that are crowded or out of alignment.
  2. Bite Issues: Overbites, underbites, and other sorts of bite abnormalities can be fixed with braces.
  3. Jaw issues: In some circumstances, braces can be used to treat difficulties with jaw alignment.

Braces can sometimes take months or even years to complete and often require frequent modifications. They are typically more invasive than cosmetic dentistry procedures, despite being effective at correcting dental problems.

Choosing Between Braces and Cosmetic Dentistry

It’s crucial to take your unique requirements and goals into account when choosing between cosmetic dentistry and braces. Cosmetic dentistry could be your best choice if your main priority is to improve the look of your teeth.

Braces could be a better option if you need to treat dental problems, including a bad bite or misaligned teeth. Based on your particular condition, your dentist or orthodontist in Chandler can assist you in choosing the best course of action.