Early Orthodontic Treatment for Children | E&S Orthodontics

In order to ensure optimum kids dental health, an early visit to a dentist is vital, however, there is also a need for your child to visit an orthodontist at the earliest opportunity. The age at which a child should visit an orthodontist is recommended to be around age 7, as this is when a child will have a mix of baby teeth and adult teeth.

Catching Dental Problems at a Young Age

Having an assessment at the age of 7 does not mean that orthodontic treatment will be required, however, there are some problems with teeth alignment and poor dental health that should be addressed when young. The sooner a problem is detected, the sooner it can be treated, and this could help to prevent serious problems that may require surgery.

Orthodontic Treatment of Underbite and Teeth Crowding

One of the problems that can be successfully treated without the need for surgery when a child is young is an underbite. An underbite is when the teeth on the lower jaw extend out further than the teeth on the higher jaw; this causes a misaligned bite as well as deformity of the face.

Orthodontists can also detect the problems associated with teeth crowding at an early age, and again this can prevent surgery and the extraction of teeth in the future.

Why it is Vital that Parents keep an Eye out for Bad Oral Habits

Many orthodontists recommend that parents watch for some of the signs of bad oral habits, including obsessive finger or thumb sucking or excessive use of a pacifier use. Other problems that can occur include tongue thrusting, which is poking the tongue through clenched teeth, as well as mouth breathing.

The Prevention of Early Dental Problems

Some early orthodontic treatments include using an apparatus that prevents the child from getting the soothing sensations, which they experience when sucking their thumbs or fingers. Other treatments include utilizing corrective orthodontic equipment that will deal with the problems caused by excessive mouth breathing. Excessive mouth breathing can cause facial deformity and other problems, which if not treated can lead to surgery of the face at a later date.

In Summary

It is well known that oral health is a big indicator of the general health of a person, and such things as heart disease has been linked to periodontal disease. Therefore it is vital that good oral health habits start at a young age.