How To Kiss With Braces | E&S Orthodontics Chandler Tolleson AZ

Welcome to Friday Focus! I’m Dr. “Ousama” and today, I will be answering a question that’s frequently asked (or, more accurately, a question many people have but are too embarrassed to ask): “Can you kiss with braces?” The answer is: “You can continue kissing like you usually do! With a few minor considerations…”

Be Gentle

You’ll also be glad to know that locking braces is a myth. The brackets and wires used for braces today are very small, so it’s almost impossible to lock braces.

Brush Your Teeth

Always brush your teeth before kissing to ensure your breath is fresh and there’s no food stuck between your braces. However, this rule should be followed regardless of whether you’re wearing braces or not. When you have clean teeth and minty breath, your partner will thank you for it!

Take a Breath and Relax

The important tip is to relax and give yourself a break. If you’re constantly worrying about your braces, you won’t be able to enjoy your kiss.

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