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Getting braces isn’t an exciting prospect for most people, even if it means that the result is going to be perfectly aligned teeth and a beautiful smile. What if you could achieve the same results without enduring the drawbacks of traditional braces? Invisalign® makes this possible. There’s never been a better time to straighten your teeth thanks Invisalign®, the world’s most advanced, nearly invisible, braces.

Virtually Invisible Aligners

Invisalign® braces are virtually invisible, in contrast to the bulky metal braces that line your teeth with uncomfortable chunks of unattractive metal. Metal braces are not only noticeable; you can end up getting food caught in them without being aware of it which can also be embarrassing. With Invisalign®, it’s almost like you’re not wearing braces at all. You can even take them out for special occasions once in a while.

Smooth and Comfortable Fit

Invisalign®’s clear aligners provide a comfortable, smooth fit, meaning you won’t need to deal with sore gums and cheeks. You can also remove the aligners which makes it possible to do all the things you would normally do from eating normal foods to brushing and flossing. With other types of orthodontic devices, brushing and flossing effectively is a lot more challenging and can take up to a half an hour. With conventional braces, as well as other versions of invisible braces that use brackets, patience experience issues that include pain, mouth sores and other injuries caused by brace wires, plaque buildup, tooth decay (because it’s more difficult to clean the teeth, tooth discoloration, tooth/bracket breakage and difficulty eating.

Straightens Teeth Faster

With metal braces, it can sometimes take up to 5 years to achieve the desired results. Invisalign® on the other hand can take from as little as a year, to a year and a half to get the job done. Invisalign® also successfully treats a wide variety of alignment issues, including overbite, underbite, crossbite, crowding and spacing.

Easy to Maintain

It’s easy to take out and maintain Invisalign® braces. Cleaning the aligners is easy as well. Just taken them out and brush them with toothpaste, or soak them in a denture cleaner.

Perfect for Busy Schedules

Invisalign® treatment is also the perfect option for people with busy schedules. Traditional braces call for frequent dental visits for corrections and tightening. Also, since they can influence your oral health, you may need to go in for more cleanings, etc. Patients who choose Invisalign® generally only have to see their orthodontist every 4 to 6 weeks, an easy commitment even if you have a busy schedule.

Overall, Invisalign® presents distinctive benefits over traditional metal braces. While Invisalign® costs a little more, most feel that it’s well worth the price. They’re definitely more comfortable than metal braces, cause fewer risks to the teeth and gums and provide beautiful smiles considerably faster.

It’s time to maximize your beautiful smile and it’s easy than ever with Invisalign braces. Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.