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Orthodontics for Kids and a set of braces? Did you know that we now have lots of different options for braces other than those silver, wire contraptions that everyone was forced to wear some twenty years ago? As parents, we can take a great deal of the stress and fear away from our children when we take the time to learn about the many different options now available.
Retainers are usually, though not always, used to keep the teeth from shifting again once the braces have been removed. Some are completely removable while others are fixed in-place. Braces are usually semi-permanent devices, but many of the new styles can be either completely invisible or designed to be interchangeably colorful. That’s right. Braces can actually be “hip”!
Many styles of braces require small rubber bands to hold the metal wires in place. But today, kids can choose elastics that are made with a wide variety of colors. Combine two colors together to create a smile highlighted in their school colors. Then change them out to orange and black for that special junior high school Halloween party. Contact your local dentist to get more details.