OrthoSesame And Confirming Appointments | E&S Orthodontics

A cloud-based software platform called OrthoSesame aims to help dental clinics in streamlining their operations and enhancing patient communication. The option to confirm appointments with patients through text message, email, or phone call is one of OrthoSesame’s important advantages.

An essential component of managing a successful dental office is appointment confirmation. Patients who confirm their appointments in advance reduce the possibility of no-shows or last-minute cancellations and assist the clinic make sure that their calendar is full. This can lower lost income and increase the practice’s general effectiveness.

It’s simple to confirm appointments with patients using OrthoSesame. Depending on the patient’s preferred means of contact, the program may be set up to automatically send out appointment reminders through text message, email, or phone call. Patients don’t require a receptionist to manually follow up; they may just reply to the message or phone to confirm their appointment.

Practices may handle appointment confirmations in real-time with the aid of OrthoSesame. When a patient confirms or cancels an appointment, the program may automatically notify staff members, enabling them to make any necessary schedule adjustments right away. By doing so, you may lower the possibility of multiple reservations or scheduling problems and make sure the office operates smoothly and effectively.

OrthoSesame offers a number of other services in addition to appointment confirmations that are intended to enhance patient communication and expedite office procedures. These consist of patient questionnaires and reviews, presentations of the treatment plan, and tools for patient recruitment. They also include online appointment booking.

For dental clinics wishing to enhance patient communication and streamline their operations, OrthoSesame is a potent tool. Your orthodontist near you uses OrthoSesame to improve patient satisfaction, save administrative costs, and increase income by automating chores like appointment confirmations and other clerical work.

With OrthoSesame, booking appointments is now easier than ever!