Types of Orthodontic Braces in Phoenix | E&S Orthodontics

When we hear the term “orthodontic braces”, our mind tends to shoot to an image of those silver, wire devices that make our smile look very metallic and uninviting.  But thanks to the many advancements in dental technology over the years, we now have many more options available to us.  Of all those people seeking dental braces in Phoenix, a larger majority of patients are actually working, professional adults whose smile is their meal ticket.  Braces aren’t just for teenagers anymore!

Metal Braces

The traditional metal orthodontic braces are usually the least expensive.  The thin wire is held in place with actual rubber bands within the mouth, applying pressure to the teeth to gently guide them into perfect alignment.  The trouble with metal braces, aside from their being completely and obviously visible to your friends, clients, and colleagues, is that the metal can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable to the inside of the cheeks and gums.  Patients must also be extremely careful when choosing the types of foods that they eat throughout a straightening process that might last for several months to well over a year.

Ceramic Braces

Many patients seeking braces in Phoenix are opting for the ceramic variety.  These are far less noticeable and can come with clear elastic or white metal ties to help maintain your winning smile.  The ceramic braces themselves do not easily stain, but the accompanying ties can become quickly discolored by the foods that we eat and the beverages that we drink, like coffee, tea, and soda.

Lingual Braces

These types of orthodontic braces actually fit behind the teeth, becoming completely invisible to your friends and family.  The installation process is a bit more complicated and time consuming, but the end result is quite remarkable.  Due to their unique placement behind the teeth, learning how to speak clearly after they have been installed may take a bit of practice.

Invisible Braces

Of all the patients seeking dental braces in Phoenix, larger and larger numbers are choosing the invisible kind, along the lines of the Invisalign brand.  For working adults, these are a welcome option because they are nearly 100% invisible.  Instead of the wire or ceramic brackets being mounted to the teeth themselves, a tiny rubber tray of custom fitted aligners is used instead.  This rubber tray can be taken out for daily brushings and even for eating your meals.  They cost a bit more, but the easier maintenance is usually worth the minimal extra expense.