Types of Orthodontic Procedures in Phoenix | E&S Orthodontics

Phoenix orthodontic surgeons and dentists perform a variety of different dental and medical procedures that help improve their patients’ winning smiles. From simple tooth extractions to more complicated procedures that involve correcting bite or jaw alignment issues, professional orthodontists can often create miracles with their artistic talents.

Tooth Extractions

These types of orthodontic procedures may be required for any number of reasons, many of which are needed simple because Mother Nature has given us a bad deal. In cases where our wisdom teeth are coming in and overcrowding the neighboring teeth, orthodontists often remove the wisdom teeth so that our smile does not become misaligned or misshapen. They also commonly extract severely decaying teeth so that a replacement implant can be installed instead.

Implants and Dentures Procedures

Phoenix orthodontic surgeons and dentists are often asked to improve someone’s smile where chipped or broken teeth have occurred due to some sort of unforeseen accident or sports injury. In these cases, an artificial implant is created that will uniquely conform to the individual’s own mouth cavity. The implants can come in both permanently attached and removable dental appliances, depending on the patient’s individual circumstances and preferences.

Jaw or Bite Misalignment Issues

Some of us are born with certain oral impairments which cause our bite or jaws to become misaligned, making eating and chewing rather uncomfortable. Others might develop these issues out of some sort of accident or injury. There are certain orthodontic procedures that can be implemented to readjust the top and lower teeth so that they fit more uniformly together. In many cases, these realignment surgeries and procedures can also save further health issues from developing in the future.