What To Do If Orthodontic Emergency | E&S Orthodontics

It is very rare for patients to experience orthodontic emergencies. Most orthodontic “emergencies” can be solved at home. However, you are free to call us at (623) 376-6464 if you would like additional advice.

The following are common orthodontic “emergencies” and tips on how to handle them:

  • Bracket Knocked Off: The brackets are attached to your teeth with a special adhesive. The brackets can break off and move along the wire. Please contact us if you have a loose bracket.
  • Archwire Is Poking: If the end of your wire is poking your mouth, please use wax to protect your cheek and cover the areas. You can also use manicure scissors or a nail clipper to cut the end of the wire. If you cannot cut the wire yourself, please contact us at (623) 376-6464 to schedule an appointment. Please inform us if you are feeling any discomfort.
  • Lip or Cheek Irritation: Sometimes, when you first receive braces, it can irritate your mouth. A small amount of orthodontic wax can protect your cheek, tongue, or lips from rubbing against your braces. Simply roll a small piece into the size of a small pea and place it over the areas causing discomfort. A wet cotton ball can suffice if you do not have any dental wax. You can also use a lukewarm solution of salt water to soothe the irritation.

If you find that you are experiencing any discomfort or problems when wearing your braces, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (623) 376-6464.