Braces for Teens | E&S Orthodontics Chandler Phoenix AZ

outh” and you about how much this entire thing is going to set you back. Well, both of you can now rest easy because there are a ton of options for teenagers that need orthodontic work.

Traditional Braces

Your kids’ dental health is obviously more important than their short-term appearance. But you should know that the traditional wire and bracket braces that you might have worn in high school are no longer the norm. Now, even the wire/bracket variety of braces use slimmer wires and smaller brackets and the teen can pick the color of their elastics which makes it at least slightly fun. This tends to be the least expensive option.

Lingual Braces

The backside of the teeth is called the lingual side. Kids dental practitioners with special training can offer this type of treatment. It’s not extremely common and will probably be more expensive, but it can be a good option for some dental problems, and it is less noticeable than the traditional braces.

Clear Ceramic

A newer take on traditional braces, ceramic brackets can now be clear or matched to the tooth and use a much thinner wire for tension on the teeth, which creates a much less noticeable effect. A popular brand is Damon Clear. The other benefits of Damon braces are that the treatment can be quicker and more comfortable than traditional braces. They also require fewer adjustment appointments which is great for busy families, but they will probably be a bit more expensive.


One of the more popular kid’s dental choices is Invisalign. Teenagers love them because they are practically invisible, so they can look and feel completely normal while having their orthodontic treatment. They are made of plastic and can be removed easily. This makes them an excellent choice for teens that play contact sports where a blow to the face could be extremely painful with metal braces. Teens will also appreciate that they can take the invisalign braces out to eat whatever they want, including popcorn and chewing gum. They are also an extremely comfortable alternative to metal braces. The drawback is that the treatment can take longer because it’s not as aggressive and it will not work for severe conditions.