Braces for Teeth | E&S Orthodontics Chandler Phoenix AZ

If you are looking for braces for teeth in Phoenix, there have been a great many technological advancements in the field of dentistry in the past decade. While the standard metal braces are still being offered, now they also come in a variety of fun and exciting colors. There are ceramic braces that are less visible to the naked eye and cost only a fraction more than the traditional wire variety. Then there are the lingual braces that actually attach behind the teeth, with no apparent evidence at all that you are wearing corrective braces.

We have something called Damon Braces, which are also wire devices, but this brand reduces the need for those uncomfortable rubber bands. Instead, the wires themselves actually slide from side to side as an alternative method of adjustment. We have Invisalign braces made of clear plastic trays that hold the teeth in place and are considered completely invisible while being very popular with both teenagers and adults alike. And we even have the “smart” braces, braces that include built-in technology that sends measurements and other information back to the dentist, helping to reduce the amount of time that the braces need to be worn. Check with your local dentist to find out which options are best for you!