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Welcome to E&S Orthodontics’ Peoria office, specializing in patient centric orthodontic care. Our professional team is dedicated to ensuring that your experience with us is comfortable, rewarding and yes – even fun.

We Are Not Your Average Orthodontic Practice

You’ll notice from your first call to our office to the day your orthodontic treatment is complete that we’re not your average orthodontic practice. We strive to provide not only the best orthodontic services, but be the best in everything that we do. We want to make sure that every patient that comes in to see us is as comfortable as they can possibly be. We know that orthodontic appointments can be stressful, so to ensure that each of our patients is comfortable, we have carefully put together a friendly team of professionals, created comfortable surroundings and we go above and beyond to make our patients feel at ease.

Front Office Team

How many orthodontic offices have you been in that greeted you with homemade cookies, had a fully stocked coffee bar and even provided free Wi-Fi? Well, that’s what will greet you in our beautiful front office, along with our friendly front office team.

While You Wait

Have you ever been to an orthodontist’s office that was both professional and fun? Well, that’s the atmosphere we’ve created in our Peoria office. While you wait for your appointment, kick back and relax in our game (video games) room/chill out room. We’ve gone to a lot of effort to ensure that each patient, no matter what age, feel at ease when they trust their orthodontic care to us.

The Consultation Room

This is where the planning stages of your new smile begins. Using state of the art orthodontic technologies, including visual aids which set us apart, we will create a comprehensive personalized treatment plan. By the time the consultation is completed, you’ll have a crystal-clear idea of the treatment you’ll be receiving and why.

Our Back Office Team

In the positive, friendly atmosphere of our back office, our highly skilled and attentive back office team will see to all your needs by helping the orthodontist conduct your personalized treatment plan. We use the latest, innovative 3D digital imaging technologies during the process which means less exposure to radiation. In our clinical area, we’ll get down to business, putting braces on, making adjustments, etc., and share any pertinent information regarding treatment.

When most people think about their last orthodontic experience, pleasant memories usually don’t come to mind. A visit to E&S Orthodontics in Peoria will be completely different than you are more than likely expecting. We love interacting with our patients and appreciate the relationships that develop. There’s nothing more rewarding to us than creating beautiful smiles, enhancing a patient’s self-image.

One of the greatest gifts anyone can receive is a beautiful, confident smile. From the moment they step into the office, to the last day of treatment, E&S Orthodontics’ mission is to provide their patients with the quality treatment that they deserve. Don’t take our word for it – contact our Peoria office today and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.