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Colored Braces

There’s no reason not to have a little fun with braces and getting colored braces is a great way to do it. You’ll have several colors to choose from with some of the most common being different hues reds, green, blue, orange, purple, yellow, pink, gold, gray, silver and black. It’s a good idea to choose colors that complement your skin tone and eyes. For example, gold, turquoise, dark blue, violet, green, orange and pink can look nice with darker skin tones. Lighter skin tones typically look great with light blue shades, dark blues and purples. Bronze and subdued tones of pink and red can harmonize well with lighter skin tones. Colors to avoid include black (can look like rotten food or teeth) and white because white elastic can become stained and can also make teeth look yellow

Under the Radar Braces Options

Some patients are good candidates for less noticeable orthodontic treatments such as ceramic braces, lingual braces and Invisalign, which is virtually invisible in comparison to traditional metal braces.

Be Fearless

If you’re feeling self-conscious about wearing braces, make an effort to smile confidently even if you just “fake it till you make it”. Eventually, you’ll start to feel more confident. Keep this in mind as well – more often than not, people are focused on their own looks and problems, not yours. So, just be yourself, loosen up and look forward to the results you’re going to enjoy (a beautiful, aligned smile) once the braces come off.

Keep Your Teeth Clean

Regardless of the braces you wear, making sure your teeth are clean will help you smile a lot more confidently. Brush and floss your teeth properly after every meal. At the very least rinse your mouth out after eating if you’re in a situation where you can’t brush or floss. Also, make sure to continue having your teeth cleaned professionally while in braces.

It’s Only Temporary

Remember, your braces are only temporary. In the meantime, visualize how fantastic you’ll look once your braces come off. Talk about a motivator! In the meantime – Smile! A great, uninhibited smile changes how other people respond to you, and it will make you feel good too.

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