How Does A Tooth Move | E&S Orthodontics Chandler Tolleson AZ

Orthodontic treatment is where pressure is applied to the tooth in a consistent manner in the direction to which the tooth needs to move. This orthodontic pressure must be a light, continuous force. In other words, to move teeth, the pressure must be 24 hours a day.

With pressure from your braces, your tooth begins to move. Nature helps the tooth loosen to relieve the pressure applied by the braces. During this period, you may feel slight discomfort, but most of our patients report no change in comfort level.

Gradually, the bone makes room on the compressed side and new bone grows into support the stretched sideā€¦so the supported tooth becomes comfortable again.

This process happens at each and every orthodontic appointment. Your braces are adjusted, new pressure is applied, and your tooth again moves to the new desired position. Your teeth are moved little by little to lessen the impact on the jaw and gums as well as minimizing pain.

Once your teeth have been loosened from the first movement, each new adjustment that is made is easier and little or no discomfort follows. Once your teeth have been placed in the location we want them, your retainer will help keep them in position while bony support is stabilized.