How To Speed Up Orthodontic Treatment | E&S Orthodontics

People hearing recommendations from an orthodontist in Phoenix that they — or their children — would benefit from wearing braces have lots of questions. That’s completely understandable, of course. Can you guess what the most common questions are? What would your first question be?

How long will that take? How much will it cost? Those are two of the most common questions your orthodontist in Phoenix hears, and there’s one more that’s closely related to it. People don’t always ask this third question because they might not even know it’s a possibility, but here it is: Is there any way to do it faster?

There are ways to accelerate orthodontic treatment. Here’s what you need to know about three options for accelerated treatment in Peoria


The AcceleDent system consists of a small implement that you place in your mouth and bite for five minutes every day. The implement produces gentle and tiny micro vibrations in your jaw. Those micro vibrations stimulate blood flow and the remodelling of your jaw. These micro vibrations have two key effects when it comes to your experience of orthodontic treatment: your teeth will move 30 to 50% faster than your teeth would have moved without AcceleDent, and your treatment will be much less uncomfortable


The PROPEL system relies on micro osteoperformations (MOPs). MOPs are tiny pinhole openings made in the jawbones around your teeth. Those tiny pinhole openings make it easier for your teeth to move through bone tissue into their proper locations much more quickly. Placing MOPs is a technique performed in your dentist’s office by an orthodontist near you. The PROPEL system promises: accelerated teeth movement; reduced treatment times; less discomfort; and more predictable results

Self-Ligating braces

Traditional wire and metal braces use ties or ligatures to hold the orthodontic wire connecting those braces in place. Self-ligating braces don’t use those types of ligatures. Rather, self-ligating braces use special openings referred to as doors or gates to hold those wires. That small change to the technique of orthodontic treatment means that your teeth will be subject to less friction as they move. That means three things: your teeth will move faster; your treatment will be more comfortable, and your treatment plan will be shorter.

Orthodontic treatment still takes time. Your teeth are part of a complex anatomical system including bone and ligaments in your jaw that needs to be influenced, transformed and restored while, during the entire time, you need to be able to use that jaw and those teeth to eat, chew, bite and speak naturally. Because every person’s situation is different, it’s not really true to say there is anything like a “typical” treatment plan. If there were such a “typical” treatment plan, orthodontic treatment often takes years. How much time can participate in accelerated treatment near you take off the length of a plan? Perhaps as much as 50%. Depending on an enormous range of factors that vary from person to person, taking advantage of these accelerated treatment options could cut the length of your treatment plan to straighten your teeth in half. Are you curious about ways to minimize the length of your orthodontic treatment plan without sacrificing results? It’s an important balance to strike. A shorter plan that leaves you with crooked or misaligned teeth or straight teeth that won’t stay that way for long is hardly a good plan. To find out how to ensure the best possible results in the shortest period of time, make an appointment with an orthodontist near you to ask whether accelerated treatment options are right for you.