How Does Insignia Speed Up Orthodontic Treatment? | E&S Orthodontics

Technological advancements have continued to change orthodontics, making it possible for us to provide our patients with the latest innovative treatment options like the Insignia System which allows us to customize Damon Braces by using 3D technology.

Here’s How It Works

With Insignia, we can customize Damon braces using state of the art 3D technology, calculating a precise orthodontic treatment plan for our patients.

Traditional brackets are built to fit a bell curve involving a group of patients which has found that approximately 80% of 1000 patients can fit the traditional style of bracket. Insignia on the other hand is custom built for the patient, involving taking a litho scan, sending it off to Damon where a software model of the teeth is created, precisely applying digital brackets. This allows the orthodontist to create a model of the completed treatment, prior to the actual braces being applied. Basically, what they do is digitally place the patient’s teeth in the final, optimal desired position. This means that each bracket is individually designed specifically for the patient. Once they’re ready, we have the patient come in for a fitting appointment and apply the precision designed set of braces. The end result is braces that fit the patient’s mouth and teeth perfectly.

Insignia has a number of benefits, including:

More Control

Insignia provides more control and predictability in the patient’s treatment and end results.

A More Comfortable Treatment Experience

Because the braces are custom made to precisely fit patient’s teeth, Insignia delivers a far more comfortable treatment experience.

Preview Your New Smile Before You Start

Insignia’s state of the art software allows patients to see what their smile is going to look like, even before they’ve started treatment.

Fewer Appointments

Reduces the number of visits needed. Typical orthodontic treatments involve 15 to 22 visits. With Insignia, this can be reduced to between 12 to 17 visits.

Faster Treatment Time

Because the brackets and archwires have been custom made to fit the patient’s mouth and teeth, it helps speed up treatment time. In fact, Insignia can speed up treatment to about 18 months instead of the average 24 months.

When it comes to straightening you or your child’s teeth, and creating a beautiful smile, we do whatever is necessary to deliver the best possible results. If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of Insignia, contact us today for a complimentary consultation.