Introducing Ortho Sesame E&S Orthodontics Chandler Phoenix Peoria AZ

We are pleased to announce that we are introducing a brand new, easy to use technology system into our office called Ortho Sesame. The introduction of Ortho Sesame makes it easier for you to access your accounts, confirm appointments and receive reminders so you’ll never be left wondering when we are expecting to see you next!

As with all new technology systems there is a period of adjustment for both our patients and our team here in the office. In order to make this change as smooth as possible we have divided the implementation into two stages.

During the first stage, we are moving all of our appointment reminders into Ortho Sesame. Once this first stage is complete, all patients will have online access to see past and future appointments as well as the ability to confirm appointments via email, text and even automated voice calls.

This all may sound very technical but the good news is that Ortho Sesame is extremely user friendly. In this first stage of implementation you will receive an appointment confirmation email at the time you make the appointment. You will not have the ability to confirm the appointment in this confirmation.

The next reminder you will receive is an Automated Call 1 week before the appointment. In this reminder you will be given the opportunity to confirm the appointment. If you confirm this appointment during this automated call then the next reminder you will receive is a text 2 hours prior to your appointment.

If you do not confirm from the automated call you will then be sent an email reminder 4 days before the appointment. Again, if you confirm the appointment at this time, the next reminder you will receive is a text 2 hours before the appointment.

If you do not confirm the appointment then you will receive a live call from our office 2 days before the appointment. After this we will send a text reminder 2 hours prior to the appointment.

The goal of these reminders is to ensure that all appointments are confirmed, and if they are not confirmed that you notify the office so that the appointment can be rescheduled. As you could imagine, when patients do not attend their scheduled appointments there are other patients who are missing out on treatment.

The best way that you can help us help you is to confirm your appointments with us and notify the office as soon as you know of changes that will impact your attendance.

During the second stage of the implementation, a new patient portal will be available to our patients. Our goal is to have this portal available to you during the month of August.

You will be notified via email when this portal is live. The email will provide you with login details and instructions on how to log in and utilize the many great features of the portal. By using the new and improved patient portal, you can access many features that you previously had to call the office to obtain. For example, you can make payments, check balances, make changes to your auto debit, update your contact information and even complete new patient paperwork online.

Our first priority in making this transition is to improve upon our level of service you, our valued patients. If you have any questions about Ortho Sesame or how this will affect you, please feel free to call us at 623-376-6464.