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I don’t want to upset you but I believe it’s important to dispel the MYTHS and LIES around Phoenix Orthodontics and tell you the REAL TRUTH. I want to give you the INFORMATION you need to ensure your children have beautiful smiles with healthy, straight teeth.

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Alright, so let’s get started…

The first step is to understand that almost everything you know about Phoenix orthodontics is WRONG!
You see, most people believe that they should only take their child to see an orthodontist when their dentist refers them to do so.

This is wrong, dead wrong.

In fact, if you wait to see an orthodontist it could be too late and it could cost you THOUSANDS of dollars…
The fact is, you should bring your child to an orthodontist for a screening appointment so we can see and predict what kind of problems your child may have as they mature from the age of 7 years old.

Let me share a story with you…

…Meet Sarah. Sarah is a loving mom of a 17-year-old boy called Chris. Sarah had been taking Chris to his yearly dental appointments like clockwork. They never missed an appointment and they were seeing the ‘best dentist in town’.
One day, Chris had a toothache and their normal dentist wasn’t available, so Sarah took him to another dentist in town who immediately recognized that Chris’s teeth were crooked and he needed serious orthodontic work.

The dentist explained this to Sarah and she was horrified. For years she’d been seeing the same dentist and he’d never referred Chris to an orthodontist. Not one word.

Now Sarah’s story isn’t a rare one. In fact, I’m pretty sure you know someone who’s got a story just like Sarah’s.
The fact is that dentists just don’t REFER you to orthodontists when they should…
You see, the problem is that we (as parents) rely on our dentist to refer us to an orthodontist when, instead, we should be proactive and send our child for a screening appointment as soon as our child is 7 years old.