Retainer Insurance For Post Orthodontic Treatment | E&S Orthodontics

When you are getting closer to the end of your treatment your orthodontist should start talking with you about post orthodontic treatment. The most common post orthodontic treatment is the use of a retainer to “retain” your teeth’s look and feel.

The problem with retainers though are that often our patients lose them or they get broken. Retainers are fragile and not meant to get damaged as any damage can lead to problems with holding your teeth in the post braces position.

This is why responsible orthodontists recommend to their patients Retainer Insurance. Retainer Insurance is insurance for your retainers. Simply put if your retainers fall out or get broken your orthodontist will replace or repair them free of charge.

This will allow you to save time and money post your orthodontic treatment. I am sure that right now you can imagine the number of times that you would lose it and already you can see the savings that you will make by purchasing retainer insurance.