What Is Retainer Insurance and Why Do You Need It? | E&S Orthodontics

Despite their best efforts, it’s common for patients to lose their retainers, especially children, and they can also can break. You’ve made a significant investment in orthodontic treatment to produce that beautiful smile, so don’t let a lost or broken retainer undo all of that hard work. Because retainers usually need to be worn for a considerable amount of time and can be expensive, it’s a good idea to get retainer insurance.

The Importance of Wearing a Retainer as Prescribed

Once the braces come off, the patient is fitted with a retainer which is just as important as braces. The bone surrounding the ligaments is movable, making it possible to straighten teeth. It’s this movability that makes it take some time before the bone and the ligaments become stabilized in the desired new position. The job of retainers is to stabilize the teeth in their new position. Teeth are kept in place by ligaments that look similar to a hammock. For the first 6 months of post-braces care, the retainer must be worn all the time, then only while sleeping. In certain cases, retainers need to be worn for years.

If retainers aren’t worn as prescribed, the teeth can relapse over 75% back to their original position in approximately 12 months. If this happens, it’s takes the same amount of time to correct the backslide that it did when the braces were first worn.

Protect Your Investment

We highly recommend that our patients purchase retainer insurance, especially considering how common it is for people to lose or break their retainers. Considering how much money, time and effort you invested in attaining your child’s or your smile, having retainer insurance just makes sense.

E&S Orthodontics Retainer Insurance

We provide patients with 6 one arch replacement retainers over a 3-year period following completion of comprehensive treatment. Coverage options offered by E&S orthodontics include phase 1 retainer insurance, which covers the replacement of up to 3 retainers for the time between phase 1 and phase 2 treatments. Our comprehensive retainer insurance covers up to 6 replacement retainers that can be used between multiple patients within the immediate family.

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