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Are you an athlete? Do you love to play sports? Whether you engage in sports for professional or recreational reasons, your mouth can be in danger in high contact sports. There is protective equipment for all parts of your body; your teeth are no exception! When you get a mouthguard, you can play with ease. If you play a high contact sport, contact our office to get a mouthguard in Phoenix.

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Wearing a mouthguard can protect you from dental injuries. In high contact sports, you are likely to come head into head with another player. In the spur of the moment, your face can get hit. When there is an injury to your mouth, your tooth can break, fall off, or you damage the tissues in your mouth. By getting a mouthguard near you, you can take preventative measures to protect your teeth from dental procedures caused by injuries.

While there are different types of mouthguards that you can purchase, such as the standard one size fits all or the ones you boil and bite down on, a custom mouthguard is the recommended option. Getting a mouthguard in Phoenix at your dentist will provide the most comfortable fit as they are molded to your teeth. They also offer the most protection for your teeth.

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If you need a reason to smile, try this one: by getting a custom-fit mouthguard, not only will it fit comfortably in your mouth, but it is a more effective preventative measure. Because these mouthguards are specifically designed for your mouth shape, it will fit better, ensuring your teeth are better protected. You can play without worrying about losing a tooth.

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The following are tips to take care of your mouthguard:

Do not leave your mouthguard in the sun

Avoid soaking your mouthguard for too long

Periodically look at your mouthguard for signs of wear

Store your mouthguard in a dry case, so bacteria does not grow

Regularly clean your mouthguard with mild soap

Using a toothbrush with a tiny amount of toothpaste to clean your mouthguard

Rinse your mouthguard every time you take it on or off in lukewarm or cool water

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If you are a high contact sport athlete, you should be thinking about getting a mouthguard near you if you have not already! Protect your teeth from injuries and play worry-free. Schedule an appointment for your custom made mouthguard in today!