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Looking to straighten your teeth, but crunched for time? Our team is proud to introduce Acceledent, a quicker, more effective add-on to traditional orthodontics and Invisalign. Get your teeth in shape without doing cardio. If you are interested in Acceledent in Phoenix,

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What is Acceledent in Phoenix?

Acceledent is a device you use for approximately twenty minutes a day. You can use it whenever it is most convenient for you, whether it be when you are studying, showering, or watching your favorite show. In addition to orthodontic treatments, Acceledent is used to help speed up your treatment process. The device sends precise vibrations to your teeth to increase the speed your teeth move at. The pulses will help your teeth respond better to the pressure from your orthodontic treatment. By using Acceledent with your braces treatment, you can increase the speed your teeth move up to 50%! It also minimizes the discomfort and pain felt with braces. Acceledent is also proven to be safe and gentle, causing no harm to your teeth and gums.

Benefits of Acceledent Near You

There are many benefits to receiving Acceledent with your orthodontics treatment:

  • It is quick – it only takes twenty minutes of your day
  • It minimizes the discomfort caused by braces
  • It is both effective and safe to use
  • It is lightweight and easy to bring around
  • Reduces the number of orthodontic visits needed
  • Reduce oral health problems by shortening treatment
  • Customized to your lifestyle – you can use it whenever it is most convenient for you
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At E&S Orthodontics, we have one mission: to make you smile. If you have braces, Invisalign, or any other orthodontic treatment and want to reduce the pain and speed up treatment time, consider Acceledent near you! Schedule an appointment to learn more about what getting Acceledent in Phoenix can do for your smile! See results quicker and more comfortably using Acceledent in conjunction with your braces or Invisalign!