Nightguard Near You

Do you wake up with frequent headaches? Or do you wake up with jaw pain? This can be a sign you are grinding your teeth in your sleep. When you grind your teeth, it wears the enamel on your teeth and can cause you significant discomfort. Getting a nightguard will prevent you from grinding your teeth, saving you pain and enamel. Schedule an appointment with us to get your custom nightguard in Phoenix!

Symptoms You Grind Your Teeth

Teeth grinding is quite common. Stress and anxiety are known to be contributing causes to grinding your teeth. Sometimes, you may not be aware you are grinding your teeth. Some symptoms of teeth grinding include:

  • Fatigue & lack of sleep
  • A sore jaw
  • Face pain
  • Grinding your teeth
  • Waking up to mild headaches

If you frequently grind your teeth, it can cause dental problems in the future, such as losing tooth enamel and a broken tooth. If you are noticing signs of teeth grinding, schedule an appointment with us today.

Getting a Nightguard Near You

A nightguard is the most common solution to teeth grinding. When you wear a nightguard, it protects your teeth from the tension and adhesion between your teeth.

There are a few different types of nightguards:

  • Soft Nightguard – these are ideal for someone who does not excessively grind their teeth. It provides a soft, comfortable fit.
  • Dual Laminate Nightguard – these are more ideal for those who have more excessive teeth grinding. The inside of the nightguard is soft, while the outside is hard to protect your teeth.
  • Hard Nightguard – these are the toughest nightguards and can help treat TMJ and very excessive teeth grinding.

While there are nightguards you can purchase at the store and online, a custom made nightguard from the dentist will ensure the most comfortable fit. It will also provide the most protection as it is shaped to your teeth.

Need a Nightguard in Phoenix?

If you are interested in getting a nightguard near you, schedule an appointment at E&S Orthodontics. We will take molds and create your perfect-fit nightguard. Get a good night’s rest once again!