MI Paste is a topical treatment that releases phosphate and calcium into the tooth, as a result, filling pores, strengthening the enamel, acid damage reversal as well as help prevent tooth decay. MI Paste is a much more effective treatment than even advanced fluoride treatments because while fluoride can help strengthen tooth enamel, it canít …more

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E&S Orthodontics Phoenix | Your Phoenix Orthodontist – More Than Just An Orthodontic Practice

When you walk into our office, you’ll immediately realize that we’re more than just an orthodontics practice, we’re a place where you can feel comfortable. We strive to provide not only the best orthodontics services, but be the best in everything that we do. We want to make each and every patient that comes in to see us as comfortable as they can possibly be. We know that at times the clinic can be a scary place, and to ensure that each of our patients is comfortable, we have a friendly team, comfortable surroundings and the knowledge needed to make you feel at ease.

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