The Single Most Important Item Post Braces Treatment | E&S Orthodontics

There are essentially two stages of orthodontic braces treatment. The first stage is where you are fitted with braces and you attend follow up appointments to have the braces adjusted. This is the most intense period of your braces treatment. Unfortunately, a lot of people believe that once they get their braces off treatment is complete. This is not the case. Stage 2 treatment starts the moment your braces are removed. During stage 2 treatment, the most important item you have is your retainer. Your retainer ensures that your teeth stay in the position they were moved to during orthodontic treatment. If you lose your retainer, forget to wear it, or break it, your teeth will slowly move back to their original unwanted position. In the most extreme cases where this happens, you would be required to wear braces again to move your teeth back to the desired position. This is why it’s so important during the second stage of treatment to wear your retainer as directed by our team. If you are worried about breaking your retainer or losing it, we offer retainer insurance, which ensures we can make a free replacement for you so as to not interrupt your stage 2 treatment. To find out more about retainer insurance, please call us at (623) 376-6464.