What are Invisible Braces Chandler Tolleson AZ | E&S Orthodontics

All of us want a great smile, however a lot of us need help achieving one. The good news is that straight teeth and a renewed smile doesn’t need to come from metal braces anymore. Invisible braces provide an esthetically pleasing, hardly visible alternative to conventional metal wire/bracket braces. These innovative braces are developed using advanced technologies that estimate the movement of the teeth, allowing the removable orthodontic device to gradually straighten your teeth.

Traditional braces use brackets that are connected by wires to move the teeth. Invisible options are made of smooth and comfortable plastic that is virtually invisible. They’re a selection of custom made, tight fitting retainer like devices that fit over the teeth. As you wear them, the aligners/retainers gradually shift teeth into place, in line with the precise movements your orthodontist has planned out for you. Invisalign is the largest and most popular developer of invisible aligners, however, there are other available brands.

Invisible braces provide irritation free treatment with nominal realignment discomfort. Some of the biggest advantages of invisible braces are that there aren’t any wires that are known to poke and cause pain or brackets to deal with. In addition, invisible aligners can be taken out for special events or drinking and eating, making it easier to floss and brush.

How Invisible Braces are developed

These braces are produced after your orthodontist takes 3D impressions of your teeth and sends them to the manufacturer’s lab where they are engineered using computerized technology. Once your orthodontist receives the finished product, they’ll have you try it on to ensure a precise fit. Invisible braces/aligners come in sets and the number needed depends on the orthodontic problems being addressed. You’ll wear each new set for a specified period of time, only removing them to eat, drink and perform oral care including brushing and flossing. With every new set, your teeth gradually adjust and realign to your preferred smile. At your scheduled appointments, you’ll be provided with the next set of aligners and your progress will be evaluated throughout the treatment process.

Orthodontic Problems Treated with Invisible Braces

While invisible braces might not be appropriate for some misalignment or complicated bite issues that are often more efficiently treated using more conventional orthodontics, they can be used to treat a number of orthodontic issues including widely spaced, crowded or crooked teeth, overjet or overbite problems.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Treatment time depends on how much the teeth need to be rotated or moved. The more crooked your teeth are or how much your bite is off, the longer it will take to treat, ranging from 10 to 24 months in most cases.

Who are Invisible Braces Suitable For?

These types of braces are primarily designed for adults and more mature teenagers due in part to the need for consistent follow through with the prescribed treatments. The aligning tray needs to be worn consistently, a minimum of 22 hours a day. Children and pre-teens that have orthodontic problems will more than likely be required to use traditional metal braces.

Your orthodontist will help you determine what’s best for you or your children when it comes to correcting your specific orthodontic problems.