What Is A Damon Smile? | Friday Focus | E&S Orthodontics

A revolutionary orthodontic procedure called Damon Smiles employs a special set of braces and wires to straighten teeth and enhance general oral health. The Damon System has swiftly emerged as one of the more popular orthodontic treatment alternatives available today since it is intended to be more pleasant, effective, and efficient than conventional braces.

Elastic or metal ties are not required when using the Damon System because of its self-ligating bracket system. The brackets’ ability to glide along the wire makes for a more effective and comfortable treatment process. Additionally, the system employs milder forces, which results in less discomfort and quicker treatment times.

The fact that Damon Smiles can provide results more quickly than traditional braces is one of its main advantages. The self-ligating bracket technology makes it possible for teeth to move more effectively, which can shorten the length of treatment by up to six months. As a result, patients can have a gorgeous, healthy smile faster than they could with conventional braces.

Damon Smiles by an orthodontist near you also provides shorter treatment periods. There is less strain and friction on the teeth since the brackets are made to move along the wire. As a result, patients are less uncomfortable and need fewer modifications than they would with conventional braces.

Another advantage of Damon Smiles is that it may be applied to the treatment of a variety of orthodontic disorders, including crowding, spacing, and bite abnormalities. Patients of various ages, from toddlers to adults, can use the system.

Overall, Damon Smiles is a great choice for those seeking orthodontic treatment. Discuss the advantages of this option with your orthodontist in Phoenix to see whether it’s the best course of action for you.