What Is An Orthodontist | E&S Orthodontics Chandler Phoenix AZ

When you are a dentist you will get to choose a specialty just like regular doctors do and one of these specialties is an orthodontist. An orthodontist is simply a dental specialty where their main goal is to diagnosis and help people with facial issues and dental irregularities. Normally orthodontist can treat patients of all ages however; there are some that will specialize in certain age groups such as the elderly.

Orthodontist Phoenix is dentist who has chosen to do an extra three years of dental study and very intensive clinical study to ensure they are highly trained and skilled to work on your teeth problems. The extra studying they have no choice in completed will allow them the extra time to specialize in the field of orthodontics.

If you have a misalignment of your teeth and jaw you will want to visit an Orthodontist Phoenix because this is the area they are most specialized in. A few of the areas they are specialized in would be number one; overcrowding, which is where you have too many teeth in your mouth and they are crowding each other. This problem is caused by small jaw bones. They will also treat a problem known as Aesthetic issues which are where the entire face is effected by impacted by malocclusions or more commonly known as bad bite. Both of these can be resolved however, in different ways. The best way to correct a bad bite is to realign the jaw and this will create a beautiful smile that is even.

One of the ways an Orthodontist Phoenix can realign the jaw and fix the problems you are having is by using dental braces. Dental braces is where brackets will be on each tooth connected by arch wires that are there to train the teeth to stay in the alignment they are suppose to be in. They will also tighten these brackets every so often to move the teeth into alignment. These braces will be made out of metal, ceramics and even clear materials; you will get to choose which ones you want.

When you are facing issues with your teeth that involve going to an orthodontist, you can rest at ease by knowing they have had many years of training and are very qualified to work on your mouth. Start by calling one of our Orthodontist in Phoenix today and get your teeth properly aligned.