What Is the Best Time To Visit an Orthodontist

Usually, people who visit an ortho are those who have dental aesthetic problems like chipped teeth, crooked teeth, and broken tooth. But the fact is, even those people who have healthy teeth insist to go Chandler orthodontists to maintain the health of their oral health.

So the question now here is, what is the main task of orthodontists? Actually, they are dentists with advanced training in dental practice. Their expertise is to realign the crooked teeth into straight and to bring back the perfect smiles of the patients.

Most of the time, those who need braces and/or Invisalign or invisible braces, seek the advice of orthodontists as these dentists are the ones who handle braces and Invisalign. Whether you are an adult or a kid, the main objective in visiting an ortho is to treat malocclusion, or a “bad bite” or “cross-bite”.

As said earlier, the orthodontists are the only ones who have advanced training in dental practice and the only ones who can help straighten teeth and improve your bite by correcting how your teeth fit together and how your jaws line up, it can be through installing braces or Invisalign. By the way, only ortho who can advise which, among two dental procedures is better for a patient.

For traditional braces (wires), they use trays (also known as aligners) to mold the size of the mouth and other appliances like headgear, which attach around the head or neck. This tool adds more force to help make teeth move. They also use retainers to hold teeth in position and this depends on the needs of the teeth.

General dentists will refer patients to the orthodontists if patients need more advanced procedure, just like medical doctors. It it is about the health of your baby, they will refer to a pediatrician who is more knowledgeable in kids’ health.

For those who are dreaming to be a pro orthodontist, you are required to complete four years of dental school. Then after that, two to three years of specialized study in orthodontics.

The general dentists can treat minor orthodontic problems and some of them do orthodontic work. But usually, general dentists would rather refer complicated cases to an orthodontist as he is an expert in such complicated dental cases.

Now, if you have problems with the alignment of your teeth and wanting an Invisalign as this is a modern braces, you better visit an auto to ask what is the best option for your teeth and find out if Invisalign is best for you.

Dr. Ousama El-Hillal
Ousama El-Hillal, referred to as Dr. O by patients, staff and friends, is an Orthodontist at E&S Orthodontics. Dr. O founded E&S Orthodontics with Dr. Saavedra in 2005 and is driven to create Wide Beautiful Smiles Without Extractions.

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