What's The Cost Of Damon Braces? | E&S Orthodontics

While not all braces are created equal, self-ligating systems like Damon Braces are at the top of our list. Why? For several reasons, including convenience, comfort and the fact that they help avoid extraction. One of the questions we get asked quite often during our orthodontic consultations is “What’s the cost of Damon braces?” The good news is that they typically cost the same as traditional braces, depending on the severity of the case.

The Differences between Damon Braces and Traditional Braces

Damon braces are basically fitted in the same way as traditional braces, however, instead of needing to have the brackets tighten and adjusted regularly, Damon braces are designed with a slide mechanism that connects wires to brackets to naturally move with the teeth as they realign.

The brackets used in Damon braces are small, smooth and comfortable, causing less friction to the inside of the mouth. The technology used in Damon self-ligating braces also makes it possible to go a few more weeks between adjustments, meaning fewer visits over all.

Additional differences between Damon and traditional braces include that Damon braces are easier to clean, provide a better appearance while in treatment (they’re not as bulky) and involve a shorter treatment time in most cases.

Wider, Beautiful Smiles without Extraction

With every patient that comes through our door, our goal is to achieve wide, beautiful smiles without extraction. We have found that Damon braces make it possible to achieve that goal. When you combine experienced orthodontic services with the technology built into Damon braces, you can expect high-quality results, including a wider smile, beautiful smile that inconspicuously improves the structure of the face.

Do Damon Braces Cost more than Traditional Braces?

At E&S Orthodontics, because of our years of experience with Damon braces, they basically cost the same as traditional braces. We don’t upcharge either, which some orthodontists in phoenix do. Costs of Damon braces or traditional braces typically run between $4000 and $6000, varying per patient based on the severity of treatment and insurance coverage.

Typically, we prefer the patient come in for a consultation to not only discuss their treatment goals, but to go over what their insurance benefits are. We’d like to invite you to contact us for a free orthodontic consultation (a $500 value) today. From there we can custom tailor treatment solution and payment plan that fits your budget.