When Should I Visit An Orthodontist | E&S Orthodontics Chandler AZ

se all kinds of different problems such as sinus problems, headaches and sever tooth pain. There is not need to be in pain when Orthodontist Phoenix can help you feel better.
The best time to see an Orthodontist Phoenix is when your teeth begin to embarrass you and cause you to cover you mouth when you speak or never smile. If your crooked teeth are embarrassing you, you need to get help from Orthodontist Phoenix.

An orthodontist is an expert in making teeth move even when the teeth are stubborn and do not want to move. If you have crooked teeth an orthodontist can realign them into a healthy straight smile. It is very important to have a straight mouth so that when you bite your food, your teeth fit together properly.

Having crooked teeth not only cause you embarrassment but it will also cause you to have tooth decay, tooth loss and gum disease. All of this can happen because overlapping teeth are very hard to clean and take care of. Plus there will be a lot of ware and tear on your teeth from them clinching together and grinding. Even though you have these problems already they can be fixed by going to see a very good orthodontist.

If you have children and you can tell their teeth are straight and they do not have a problem it is still recommend seeing an orthodontist by the time they are seven years old. At the early age of seven the jaw is still developing and if issues can be caught early enough, the problem can be fixed before it is so severe there are major complications. Most adults that come in to have their teeth fixed are between the ages of twenty six and forty four years old. However, there are rare cases where people in their sixties and seventies have come in to get braces.

The best time to see an orthodontist is in the early years of life. The earlier you take your children the better off they will be later in life. Begin taking your children today to see an orthodontist and get your children’s teeth fixed and give them a beautiful smile.