Why Child Orthodontic Treatment is Vital | E&S Orthodontics

The majority of orthodontists are in agreement that a child should have their very first orthodontic as early as their seventh year. However, not all children will need prolonged or intensive orthodontic treatment, but it is important that you are prepared for the fact that your child might need braces.

The Different Variations of Child Braces

The most widespread of all child braces are the traditional braces that are made from metal. The problem with these is the fact that they are highly visible, and this could make your child feel self-conscious about wearing them. However, these are the cheapest option, and sometimes they are the only option for parents that do not have a lot of money to spend. In order to add a bit of individuality and quirkiness to the traditional staid and boring metal braces, a lot of orthodontists are offering different colored ligation modules. The ligation module is the band that attaches the wires of the braces to the brackets, and now there are many different colors to choose from.

For those people that have a bit more money, there are braces that are made from composite materials. Not only are they more comfortable to wear, they also blend in more, due to the fact that they are colored to match a child’s teeth, this makes them much less noticeable, and ideal for kids dental treatments.


Advances in modern dental technology have led to other options when it comes to choosing braces for your child’s teeth. Invisalign is a product that helps to straighten a child’s teeth by making use of a removable plastic tray. These are much easier to remove, so they can be taken out when eating or when brushing teeth, the only downside is the fact that they cannot be adjusted, so they need replacing every so often as the child grows.

In Summary

As you can see, there are now many different types of child braces available, and you should speak to your orthodontist for advice about which ones are going to be most suitable for your child. It is important that your child has corrective treatment for misaligned teeth, as aside from the aesthetic appearance, it will also help them to maintain maximum dental health. The earlier you catch the problem, the quicker it can be put right, so that your child does not end up having to wear braces when they are older.