Why Choose Clear Braces in Phoenix | E&S Orthodontics

With so many different styles and brands of dental braces in Phoenix available, choosing the clear variety just seems like good, common sense, right? Who would actually choose those ugly, silver, metal contraptions over clear braces in the first place? Unfortunately, some people have such severe dental disorders that the metal or ceramic braces are their only option. But for those of us who can afford to take advantage of clear or invisible braces, there are also some added secret benefits that many don’t already know.

Clear or Invisible Braces are Removable!

That’s right! Instead of wearing wire or ceramic aligners that are permanently attached to your teeth, clear braces actually consist of a removable, rubber tray that fits into your mouth and over your teeth while being completely invisible to the naked eye. This rubber tray can be taken out when you are eating meals, brushing your teeth, or flossing. Daily oral care is infinitely easier and far less uncomfortable.

Eat whatever foods you like!

For those of us who are forced to wear the traditional metal braces, this comes with a very strict rulebook of what foods we can and cannot eat. Peanuts, popcorn, chewing gum, and potato chips are usually not on the menu. And if you are required to wear your metal braces for several months or even a year or more, this can really cramp your eating routine. Because the clear variety are completely removable, many patients who need braces in Phoenix are choosing these invisible options instead.

No one will ever know!

Since clear braces are nearly undetectable, working professional adults can actually wear these to business meetings and client calls without anyone knowing. If your winning smile is how you make a living, now you can bring home the bacon and eat it too with clear, invisible braces.