Why Choose Damon® Clear Braces? | E&S Orthodontics

In one of our recent Friday Focus videos on YouTube, Dr. O discussed why he chose Damon Clear braces for his own orthodontic treatment, and why they may be the right decision for you as well. As a leading Damon provider in the metro Phoenix area, Dr. O has been working with the Damon system for almost 11 years.

Here is a summary of Dr. O’s video in which he discussed the benefits of Damon Clear:

As a person in orthodontic treatment myself, I chose Damon Clear Braces. If you saw me during my treatment or know someone who has Damon Clears, you can see that they have a distinct aesthetic benefit over metal brackets. Given the fact that a lot of people don’t want to wear traditional metal braces for their treatment, Damon Clear Braces are an aesthetically pleasing alternative.

One of the great things about having Damon Clear Braces is that they are virtually invisible. And while they are not highly noticeable, they really do function the same exact way as Damon metal braces (which are much better than traditional braces). In the end, they allow us to give you that wide beautiful smile you have always wanted.

The other thing I find really interesting about Damon Clear Braces is the way the bracket “door” opens to hold the arch wire in place. With traditional clear braces, the wire is held in place with clear, elastic rubber bands which negate the “clear” look due to the possibility of staining.

Damon Clear Braces do not require additional bands because of their built-in “sliding door” mechanism that not only holds the arch wire in place but also alleviates any opportunity for staining. If you’re a heavy coffee, wine or fruit juice drinker and/or eat tomato sauce, mustard or spicy foods like curry, clear elastic bands will discolor over time and turn yellow.

As you can see, the choice is clear. Contact our office to learn more about how Damon Clear Braces may be right for you or a loved one.