Why Should You Wear Your Retainer? | E&S Orthodontics

Orthodontists in Peoria Advise You to Wear Retainers

Are you ready to celebrate your braces coming off soon? It is a well-deserved moment for you, but do not forget that your orthodontic treatment has not ended. After an orthodontist in Peoria takes out your braces, they require you wear a retainer as part of your treatment for your smile to stay in perfect shape. Your hard work cannot go to waste by not following instructions.

You must wear your retainers right after an orthodontist takes out your braces because the tissues on your gums are elastic and are not used to the new location where the braces shifted your teeth. Your retainers ensure that your teeth settle in the new location; if a retainer is not worn, your teeth will likely move back to where they were before you got your braces.

As you grow, the teeth can naturally move, but wearing a retainer is advised by an orthodontist near you to prevent major shifts in your smile. Our specialists here at E&S Orthodontics will custom-make your retainer so that it fits your new smile exactly and keeps your teeth in place. Retainers are made of stainless steel and plastic.

Can You Avoid Retainers?

If you want to keep an aesthetic smile, the answer is no. Your muscles have memory, including the muscles that hold your teeth; therefore, if you prevent the retainers in Peoria from doing the job, your teeth will return to the position they had before the orthodontic treatment.

Why Do Orthodontists in Peoria Recommend Retainers?

Follow the instructions provided by an orthodontist near you upon the completion of your orthodontic journey is essential if you want to maintain your brand-new smile.

  • Wearing a retainer for at least one year will prevent an orthodontic relapse, meaning that your teeth move back to their natural position.
  • A retainer can help prevent oral complications such as tooth decay and infections. Since orthodontic relapses can happen, your teeth being misaligned can result in poor oral health if they move to a position where cleaning becomes difficult. Talking, chewing, and biting can move your teeth from the right position; therefore, an orthodontist recommends wearing retainers at night for better comfort.
  • To avoid wearing braces and repeating your orthodontic treatment, the constant use of retainers is essential.

Type of Retainers Available at Our Peoria Office

Retainers can be permanent or removable; the type of retainers an orthodontist near you recommend will depend on the severity of the case.

  • Removable Hawley retainers (wire retainers) are made from thin metal and acrylic or plastic materials to match the shape of your teeth.
  • Removable clear plastic retainers are custom-made by our orthodontists in Peoria using a mold to mimic the perfect smile and prevent your teeth from moving.
  • Permanent retainers, conversely, consist of stainless steel wire braided together to give extra support and permanence to your new smile. Usually, permanent retainers are cemented to the back of your front teeth to prevent any undesired movement, these are not visible to anyone but you, and only an orthodontist near you can insert or remove them.

If you ever forget to put wear retainers for long periods, it can be that they no longer fit your smile. If you or a family member using a retainer happens to have this issue, contact an orthodontist near you to schedule an appointment to make a retainer that fits and maintains the position of your teeth.

Follow proper oral hygiene when cleaning your teeth and retainers, as plaque and bacteria may accumulate to develop infections.

Wearing a retainer after your orthodontic procedure is vital for the aesthetic appearance of a perfect smile. Book an appointment with our Peoria orthodontist for a consultation on treatments that fit your specific needs.