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In this edition of Friday Focus, Dr. O of E&S Orthodontics, your Metro Phoenix Orthodontist, explains why the cost of orthodontic treatment fees can differ from practice to practice. Many orthodontic patients are surprised that the cost of braces can vary dramatically from practice to practice as they assume the treatment plan and results should …more

In this edition of Friday Focus, Dr. O El-Hillal of E&S Orthodontics, your Phoenix Orthodontist, discusses in depth how some orthodontists hide fees in your Orthodontic Contract. If you see an ad that says “only $99 DOWN to start treatment”, beware the specter of hidden fees. You may be signing up for an open-ended contract …more

Orthodontic Treatment Contracts Explained – Staged Contracts In this edition of the Friday Focus, Dr. O of E&S Orthodontics, your Phoenix Orthodontist, continues his discussion on the importance of Orthodontic Treatment Contracts. Here he explains “staged” contracts, and why he doesn’t recommend them. There are many ways an orthodontic practice can draw up a financial …more

Orthodontic Treatment Contracts Explained – Lump Sum Contracts In this edition of the Friday Focus, Dr. O El-Hillal of E&S Orthodontics, your Phoenix Orthodontist, discusses the importance of Orthodontic Treatment Contracts. He explains the different aspects of a contract for treatment and how lump sum contracts work. One of the main reasons I felt compelled …more

Welcome to Friday Focus! Today I would like to talk about one of the greatest advances in orthodontics today: digital impressions. It’s a common orthodontic practice to make molds of a patient’s teeth and mouth in order to get a 3-dimensional graphic representation of the bite. It’s one of the least liked orthodontic procedures by …more

Welcome to Friday Focus! I’m Dr. “O” and today I’m going to be answering a question that we are often asked (or, more accurately, a question many people have but are too embarrassed to ask): “How should you kiss with Braces?” Basically, the answer is: “The same way you always have! With a couple of …more

Should You Extract Wisdom Teeth Prior To Orthodontic Treatment? Hello and welcome to Friday Focus. Today we will answer a question we get quite often in the office: “Should you extract wisdom teeth prior to orthodontic treatment?” The answer is that the answer is not so simple. The variables that determine whether or not someone …more

What Toothbrush Should You Use While Wearing Braces? Got braces? Keeping your braces and teeth clean is an important part of the process,along with maintaining overall good oral health. You are going to need to brush well and often.Since keeping your teeth clean is so important, you’re probably wondering if you should buy a manual …more

Thumb sucking is actually a natural habit for young children. Approximately 90% of children between 2 to 3 years of age suck their thumbs. Thumb sucking only begins to affect a child once they reach 6 to 7 years of age because that’s when their permanent teeth start to come in. After the permanent teeth …more

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