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In one of our recent Friday Focus videos on YouTube, Dr. O discussed why he chose Damon Clear braces for his own orthodontic treatment, and why they may be the right decision for you as well. As a leading Damon provider in the metro Phoenix area, Dr. O has been working with the Damon system …more

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In this edition of Friday Focus, Dr. O of E&S Orthodontics, your Metro Phoenix Orthodontist, addresses the subject of adding colors to Damon Braces. Today I’m going answer a question that’s commonly asked: Can you get colors with Damon® Braces? As a Damon provider who has been working with the Damon system for almost 11 …more

Someone you know will inevitably end up needing dental braces and in a surprising number of cases, tooth extraction will be recommended to address misaligned or crowded teeth. If you’re thinking about braces for yourself or your child, you’ve probably wondered if the orthodontist will want to pull some teeth as part of the treatment …more

If your orthodontist has recommended braces, it could be for a number of reasons. The reason for straightening teeth isn’t always cosmetic. When teeth are crowded or crooked, they create crevices where food particles and bacteria can hide. This can make them difficult to keep clean, leading to the risk of tooth decay and gum …more

While not all braces are created equal, self-ligating systems like Damon Braces are at the top of our list. Why? For several reasons, including convenience, comfort and the fact that they help avoid extraction. One of the questions we get asked quite often during our orthodontic consultations is “What’s the cost of Damon braces?” The …more

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